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 About Us- Green Bean Studio

Green Bean Studio

Green Bean Studio is a paper and design studio created by Aparna Varma based in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada.

Founded in 2013 it is home to all things bright and colorful!
With the use of fresh colors and cheerful illustrations we have paper goods sure to make everyone and anyone smile.

We at Green Bean care for the environment and are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. All our products are printed on recycled paper. 


More about Aparna 

aparna varma

Born and brought up for the most part in bustling streets of New Delhi, India, Aparna spent many of her formative years in Botswana. The diverse cultures from both these countries have a deep influence on her and are what she draws inspiration from, in terms of color, patterns and stories. 

An animation designer by profession she continues to work on freelance animation and illustration projects. She enjoys illustrating and making spontaneous illustrations for friends and family, so when a friend suggested she do this professionally Green Bean Studio was born...


Our active team consists of:

  • Aparna - Who creates and breathes life, into the stories and monsters from her dreams.
  • Mathew - Handsome husband - Creative consult + morale booster.
  • Fluffy Comet - Best doggie ever - Stress relief services. 

Our Values:

  • Make people smile! - we're sure you'll be smiling once you see our products.
  • Keep it green - Cause its our favorite color and we're eco-friendly.
  • Love what we make - We're proud of the work we do.
  • Make what we love.

More of Aparna's work for other clients can be viewed on aparnavarma.com